Larry, a 93 year-old widower confined to a Nursing Home, remembers a time when he had more spring in his step. Based on real audio recordings from 2002, animator Kristen Palana uses individually painted digital images to imagine and recreate her grandfather’s first attempts to woo his beloved Roz. Set in both 1943 and 2007, ‘Larry and Roz’ is a three and a half-minute glimpse into one couple’s six decade relationship.

Kristen Palana is an American/Portuguese multimedia artist based in Rome, Italy. She has taught digital media, art, and communication courses in the United States and Italy for over eleven years, as well as offered art and multimedia courses in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Her latest fine art/multimedia animation called “Veggie Propaganda” was completed in late 2011 and is currently screening in international film festivals and has won several awards. “Larry and Roz” screened at 25 international film festivals and won five Best Animation awards from 2008-2011. To learn more, please visit Kristen’s website.