Hi Everyone,

So I thought I’d try something new for this blog post. Many of us think we need to triple plan something in order to be creative, or even search for an entire crew to help us out. In this post I want to show you in a few steps how easy it is to create a digitally-altered photo shoot image by yourself and turn it into whatever your imagination pictured it to be!

All you need is: An idea, a camera, a tripod, and Adobe Photoshop.  :)

1. An Idea: For example, my idea was to show a photo shoot in action. To do that, I needed a camera to be in the shot as a prop. Since I didn’t have an extra camera on hand, I decided to make one.. using sticky notes.

2. Using a tripod and self timer. I took a picture of myself “filming” with my sticky note camera.


3. I took another picture of myself in front of the camera “acting”.


4. I then took this picture holding a brush because I planned on using the brush later when I edited with Photoshop.


5. PHOTOSHOP MAGIC: Thanks to a trick Professor Palana taught me in my Digital Imaging and The Computer as a Media Tool classes, you can put all the images into one picture! To do that without it looking like a big mess, I created a new layer with image 1, and another layer with image 2, then dropped the opacity of image 1 so that the bottom layer (image 2) would show easily. Then, using the eraser tool, I cut away at the wall on the right side of the photo where I was standing in image 2 so that the figure would also appear in image 1. The resulting image showed two of me in the same shot.

6. In a separate file in Photoshop, I cut out the brush, colored it a little, copied it, and pasted it into the work in progress, to make it look as if there were multiple brushes floating around.

And this was the final result!

It really is easier than it looks! So, please let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to help!

Suzanne Darkan

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