“We made it, well, almost!” That’s what I have been thinking for the past two weeks. At this point I have only two days left. To tell you the truth I was a little afraid this semester would never end. I created a website, produced a film, wrote numerous papers, and passed some exams, hopefully. The AUR Communication building has been bustling this semester. Students have been finishing animations, stop-motions, websites, 5-7 minute films, and other various presentations that are critiqued in class during the final exam period. During these presentations all groups participate and give feedback on their peers work. Digital Filmmaking will be presenting tomorrow, Wednesday. All students are bringing snacks to eat after all shorts have been viewed and discussed. This years class has four projects, Coca-Cola Light, Henrietta Style, Il Vestito, and Tiramisu. Some of these might be in the student show next semester during Comm Week.
Hope everyone had a wonderful semester and has a safe and fun break! I won’t be in Italy next semester, but I will return in the Fall.

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