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Dear Readers,

Welcome to the AUR Communication & English Department weblog.

I’m Rosi Mosca-Herrera and from now on I’ll be writing here about the happenings in our lovely department.

Last semester students in Prof. Palana’s Computer as a Media Tool class participated in a class assignment/contest to design a poster for Rome Review. Rome Review is a website founded by AUR Art Professor, Timothy Allen and is dedicated to bringing the best information about the Eternal City to english speakers living or traveling in Rome. The student contest winners were Cristiana Ladki and Michael Maury with honorable mentions going to Anastasia Carnicero, Anna Mangiardi-Oxbrow and Ali Nardi. Congratulations to all who participated.

Check out their designs here:

Cristiana Ladki Michael Maury

This semester the department is offering four different production courses that I’m sure will produce great work:

Media Technology- where students are introduced to the production equipment and visual concepts
Introduction to the TV Commercial- focusing on the idea development and creation of commercials (This particular class will create a commercial for the UN’s World Food Program.)
Animation, Editing, and Special Effects- a new course at AUR, where students learn a variety of visual and sound software to utilize in their final animation/video projects
Music Video Production- where students learn about the history of this particular medium and all the stages of production, culminating in their own music video.

All these courses have a mix of study abroad as well as AUR resident students. Since I’m in three of these classes, I’m looking forward to writing more about them. As the semester unfolds I’ll give you a behind the scenes look at the creative process and overall experience.

Arrivederci from the Eternal City,

Rosi Mosca-Herrera
English & Communication Department Student Assistant

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